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Vibez Estates, cradled amidst beautiful natural surroundings, are prosperous pieces of plantation properties with a good track record of more than ten years maintained by the associate management company on behalf of customer. If you are looking for a place of peace and recreation within an environment of exquisite ecological beauty, then these estates promoted by Vibez Estates are the ideal place for you. Well maintained with all the required facilities and support services, the estates have been producing quality coffee for the last five years. Our estate management services done by associate management company involves anything that affects the condition of the estate. This also includes sending you periodic updates about the maintenance details of the coffee estates and the expenses incurred during the process. Thus, by investing in our identified estates, you are not only ensured of a good investment but also of good revenues generated from the yield owing to our regular maintenance services done by associate management company.

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Indulge in the pure luxury of plantation life along the mesmerizing landscapes of the Western Ghats. With the perfect mix of luxury and ambiance, the coffee estate set in Sakleshpur and Chikmagalur, Karnataka, offers all the required facilities and support services, making it a much favored choice for investment.
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Market Pain - You have worked hard for several years and are now looking for a way to invest wisely with good returns? Consider investing in a coffee estate in the heart of the Western Ghats surrounded by beautiful landscape, scenic visuals and a vibrant eco-system. A 1,000-mile ribbon of mountains running all the way down the western side of the subcontinent, the Western Ghats has long been one of the main coffee-growing regions of India. Some of the oldest coffee estates in the country can be found here, with plantations dating back to the mid-19th century, when British planters went about setting up these sprawling estates.

Our Solution - Endowed with nature’s bounty in the form of rich soils, luxuriant tropical tree cover, abundant sunshine and rainfall, these estates have the capacity of producing some of the finest coffee variants that can form parts of the blends of the most discerning roasters. However, over the years, there have been many incidences of people who have had negative experiences after investing in coffee estates primarily due to the difficulties in maintaining these estates, bad roads or due to being given to the wrong hands for maintenance such as friends, relatives or managers. There have also been several incidences of estate owners who have had security problems such as issues created by neighbours etc. and are unable to resolve these issues primarily because of being over hundreds of kilometres away from the estate. To alleviate these customer pain points and to provide a one-stop solution to coffee estate buyers, we have come up with a unique approach at Vibez Estates. All the coffee estates identified by us have easy access or good road approach and have clear titles that can easily developed. All of our identified coffee estates for sale in Karnataka are maintained by our associate management company who are professionally trained people recruited by us. Some of the many benefits of associating with Vibez Estates for investing in a coffee estate or property in Karnataka include:

  • Complete Maintenance Services by our associate management company paid to associate management company
  • Maintenance Fee to be paid every year on actuals
  • Ensured security of the Estates
  • Good Revenue generated from the yield
  • Periodic Updates on the maintenance details and expenses incurred
  • All the estates in close proximity from the major cities like Bangalore, Mysore etc.
  • Assistance while further planning to sell the property in future

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